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Book 5 of The Ripple Affair Series

“I am called Malum of the Velori,” he replied, "but I was born Stephen Engel.”

As Edward recovers from an assassin’s attack, Stephen begins his plan of vengeance by revealing himself to the palace. Through lies and treachery, he starts to turn friend and family against brother, making Edward wonder who he can trust to stay loyal as a battle for the throne begins.

Meanwhile, after her sister is rescued, Antoinette sets out to return to Edeland as Emmerich is brought back to Audlin. The strain of the secret marriage is starting to take its toll, but after mysterious symptoms appear and she becomes consistently ill, she learns that her secret might not have a choice but to come out.

Truth. Vengeance. Fear. With Stephen’s return, Audlin teeters on the brink of war. Will Edward be able to contain the fires about to spread, or will the original heir rise to take back his throne?

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