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What Country in The Ripple Affair Would You Be From?

Do you make your home in the cool mountains of Audlin, the rolling hills of Hugellia, or do you prefer the warm forests of Edeland?  Do you enjoy the busyness of cities like in Verloris, or long for the quiet of nature in the tundra like the Recu? 

Find out in this fun quiz!

Castle by the Lake

Which country would you be from in "The Ripple Affair"?

1) What is your favorite color to wear?

A) Blue





2) What would be your ideal retreat?

A) A hike through the mountains

B) Shopping

C) Reading a book by the lake

D) Hunting through the woods

E) A drive through the city

3) Which character trait describes you best?

A) Strong

B) Classy

C) Intelligent

D) Wise

E) Confident

4) Describe the land you live in.

A) A valley surrounded by mountains

B) Heavily forested and green

C) Wide open plains and fields with a few lakes

D) Cold tundra

E) Does a city count as land?  Because all I see are buildings...

5) What would you want as a pet?

A) I don't want any pets.

B) A squirrel

C) A horse

D) A dog

E) A cat

6) You're lost in the wilderness!  What do you do?

A) Prepare to fight and survive!  We don't know what's out there...

B) Search for help!  There must be someone nearby.

C) Search for clues on how to find a way out.  I'm prepared for this!

D) Make camp and settle.  This seems like a nice place to call home.

E) Check for cell service.  There's got to be a signal somewhere.

7) Which area would you feel the most relaxed?

A) A wide open living room for friends to gather and converse

B) A small outdoor porch to enjoy the weather

C) A grand library full of books and information

D) A dining area near the hearth to stay warm and eat

E) A small room surrounded by reminders of my accomplishments

Now add up how many A’s, B's, C's, D's, and E's you have.  The letter you have the most of is the country you'd be from in "The Ripple Affair"!

Mostly A's: You’re from Audlin!  A mountainous land full of valleys and a seasonal climate, Audlin is the prosperous center to which all nations look to ally with.  Known for their strength and resolve, the people of Audlin can be kind and passionate, yet they sometimes can be stubborn and have difficulty with change.

Mostly B's: You’re from Edeland!  A forested land with mild winters and hot summers, Edeland is known for its timber trade and classical nature.  The people are both polite and proper, prizing social graces above all else.  Generous and kind, they make loyal allies, though they are easily offended if their trust is betrayed.

Mostly C's: You’re from Hugellia!  A wealthy land amidst the plains and lakes of the northwest, Hugellia is a valuable information hub that every nation goes to for guidance.  Its people value knowledge and wealth and are known to look down upon those who have neither, though there are a few who practice kindness and respect.  A former nomadic society, the majority of the population lives in the great city of Kettensburg, though they have not forgotten how to survive the harsh winters on the land.

Mostly D's: You’re from Recu!  A mysterious land hidden amidst the tundras of the north, the Recu are an unknown people who often keep to themselves.  Living scattered in tents and small villages, they are a diverse people united under a single chieftain whose mystical ways are unknown to most.  Prone to hunting and gathering, the Recu prize their relationships with animals, and their dogs are often considered to be equals amongst members of their own families.

Mostly E's: You’re from Verloris!  A once-isolated land in the north that is small yet powerful, Verloris is full of cities and stone.  Proud of their technology and industry, the people seek to grow power and strength in the days to come.  Fond of rocks and furs to shelter them from the bitter winds by the sea, the Veloris seek to expand their borders and share their discoveries with the world.





*Disclaimer: Please note that quizzes posted here are for fun and entertainment.  Answers are not reflective of a person’s actual personality and should not be interpreted as scientific analysis or fact.
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