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The Adventures of Captain Patty

Follow the tales of Captain Patty and crew as they sail through pirate-infested waters in 18th century America.  From the harbors of Boston to the heart of the Caribbean, The Adventures of Captain Patty is a series full of fun, mystery, and adventure!


Book 1

Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator

After being lost at sea, British naval officer Charles Wellington and his daughter, Samantha, are rescued by a mysterious pirate captain who is anything but your typical swashbuckler.

Clever, loyal, extravagant…and maybe a little odd.  Not much is known about Captain “Patty” Peterson except a name, an obsession, and that he is the most wanted pirate in North American waters.

Except he’s not wanted by the navy.  He’s wanted by other pirates.

Life with Captain Patty promises much in return.  Chases on the high seas, battles with a vengeful sea monster, and the vow of a rival pirate to find the man who escaped him.  Charles and Samantha hoped for a rescue, but they may get an adventure instead.

Book 2

Captain Patty and the Boston Buccaneer

It started off as a simple harbor patrol until a ghost named the Boston Buccaneer attacked Charles Wellington’s ship.

Mysterious.  Silent.  Covered in rags and the night. Though the Boston Buccaneer was once a name to be feared in the early years of American piracy, his name had been forgotten…until now.

Eager to learn more about the buccaneer’s growing threat, Charles sends for Captain Patty to return to Boston early in hopes that she may help him learn the truth of who the buccaneer is.  Is he a ghost?  A man?  A trick?  Or is he connected to Rudiger Bartleby, an enemy whose name is starting to be whispered once more?

Captain Patty and crew face their biggest challenge yet, but will the truth of the buccaneer’s mission change Patty’s future with the Royal Navy?  Or will it lead to an even bigger adventure, one that will affect everyone on board?


Book 3

Captain Patty and Veronica's Vengeance

A pirate civil war brews like a storm, threatening the Atlantic with treachery not seen since the Golden Age.  To prevent it, Captain Patty must remember the past in order to save the future.

Tasked by Willy Whalebone to find his former crew, Patty sets out to travel the colonies in search of the people who made her into the captain she is today.  But with every visit, memories resurface, and not all of them are pleasant.

Relive the days of a pirate’s past as the background of Captain Patty is finally revealed!  From her capture off the shores of Wales to the mutiny in Tortuga, Captain Patty and Veronica’s Vengeance is a tale full of action, comedy, drama, and hope.  Will Captain Patty’s past come back to haunt her, or will it give her strength in the battle to come?

Book 4

Captain Patty and Whalebone's War

Available Soon!

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