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What Character Would You Be in The Ripple Affair?

Are you athletic like Edward, or loyal like Antoinette?  Do you have a mischievous side like Bernie, or are you more serious like Emmerich?  Are you chivalrous like Marcus, or flirty like Malina?  Or are you the Queen Bee like Susanna?

Find out in this fun quiz!

In Royal Dress

Which character from "The Ripple Affair" are you?

1) What is your favorite hobby?

A) Spending time with loved ones

B) Reading

C) Watching TV

D) Spending time outdoors

E) Dating

F) Playing sports

G) Gossip

2) Describe your personality.

A) I'm a little shy, but I love to talk with people I know.

B) Sometimes I'm shy and sometimes I'm talkative.  It depends on my mood.

C) I'm pretty outgoing.  I enjoy spending time with people.

D) I'm extremely shy and prefer quiet.  I'd rather listen than talk most of the time.

E) I'm fond of being around people, but sometimes I prefer the company of one.

F) I'm often drawn to quiet, but if I have to be around people, I can do it.

G) I'm the life of the party.  The more, the merrier!


3) What type of stories do you gravitate towards?

A) Romance

B) Comedy

C) Action and adventure

D) Documentary

E) Horror

F) Inspirational

G) Reality TV

4) What number one quality are you looking for in a significant other?

A) Loving

B) Intelligence

C) Loyalty

D) Kindness

E) Prestige

F) Integrity

G) Appearance

5) How are your relationships with your parents or guardians?

A We may not see eye to eye, but I love them anyway.

B) They annoy me.

C) I get along with my mom, but not my dad.

D) They're my best friends!

E) Who cares?  It's all about me.

F) I get along with my dad, but not my mom.

G) They're not in my life.


6) Describe your love life.

A) I'm with my soulmate.

B) I'm single.

C) I miss my ex.

D) I'm in love with someone I can't have.

E) I have fun, but I don't want to settle.

F) I'm single but open to loving someone.

G) I settled for my second choice.

7) What type of clothing do you wear?

A) Something classy

B) I don't care as long as it fits.

C) Tunics

D) Anything comfortable

E) Something that flatters my figure

F) Outdoor wear

G) Brand name and current trends


8) Describe your field of profession.

A) Helping others

B) Science

C) Politics

D) Student

E) Business

F) Military or law

G) Leadership

9) How would your friends describe you?

A) The kind one

B) The smart one

C) The fool

D) The quiet one

E) The flirt

F) The cautious one

G) The popular one

Now add up how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, E’s, F’s, and G’s you have.  The letter you have the most of is the character you’re most like!

Mostly A’s: You’re Antoinette van Echt!  Kind, caring, and loyal, you are a romantic at heart who dreams of marrying your soulmate.  Though you are often caught in the middle of dueling friends or family, you always keep the peace and are willing to make sacrifices to make those around you happy.  Though beautiful on the inside and out, your greatest strength is your love, and people often dream of seeing you as "the one".

Mostly B’s: You’re Bernie van Echt!  You value the pursuit of the mind and love to read.  Though many see this as a fault, you have no problem in challenging societal norms or asking difficult questions.  Your passion is in learning, especially science, though it's not all work and no play.  You love laughter and playing jokes and are fiercely loyal to those you love.  Though you can sometimes be insecure about your physical appearance, you know you are a good person that can take care of yourself.

Mostly C’s: You’re Edward Engel!  Talented, athletic, and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you are determined to prove that you would make a fine king!  Despite being surrounded by unbelief and the constant complaints of your father, you are a person who loves deeply, though sometimes you may not show it.  Your ambition and insecurity may cause you to stumble in your quest for significance, but you never shy from a fright and accept responsibility for your actions.

Mostly D’s: You’re Emmerich van Ketten!  Quiet, pensive, and often found in your favorite spot outside, you love to read and dream.  Though often alone, you enjoy the company of the few friends and family you have and are not ashamed to be close to them.  For the most part your life is good, though you are plagued with loving someone you cannot have, and it often leads to sorrow that causes you to shy away.

Mostly E’s: You’re Malina Serus!  A lover of life and people, you know who you are and what you want in life, and you are determined to get it by any means necessary.  Flirty and charming by nature, you easily sway people to your will, and you find it a fun challenge when your features go unnoticed.

Mostly F’s: You're Marcus Peterson!  Though often quiet, you are not afraid to speak your mind when you see something you don't agree with.  You value honor and integrity and are loyal to those around you, and anyone who calls you "friend" knows you will be at their side for life.  Kind, caring, and noble, you do not let your troubles define you.  You gather strength from your weaknesses and are determined to change the world through one good deed at a time.

Mostly G’s: You’re Susanna van Echt!  Popular, beautiful, and a lover of the fine things in life, you are a person who values appearance and prestige.  A wearer of the best clothes, shoes, and jewelry, you pride yourself for being the one others envy, and you seek to share your knowledge of perfection with those around you.





*Disclaimer: Please note that quizzes posted here are for fun and entertainment.  Answers are not reflective of a person’s actual personality and should not be interpreted as scientific analysis or fact.
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