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From the Archives: Ode to Yoga Pants

This poem was originally published on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, on the Erin Cruey website.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Today’s poem is an ode on the topic of “something you’d find in a drawer”. This topic brought to mind few options I could write an ode for, but I did find one thing I love – yoga pants! And they are folded neatly in the bottom drawer of my dresser. As a lady who is fond of comfortable clothes that fit just right, I don’t mind telling the world that I love my yoga pants! I don’t just use them for yoga, but also for lounging around the house, doing chores, and (with the right outfit combination), wearing them out on the town. So here is my silly ode to yoga pants. Enjoy and stay tuned for tomorrow’s poem, a found poem!

Ode to Yoga Pants

Oh yoga pants that feel so good,

I’d wear them daily if I could.

Elastic waste that fits so smooth

Causes my soul to become soothed.

Unlike jeans that cut off my air,

Or shorts that cause people to stare,

Or leggings that bring out the bulge,

Or skirts that won’t let me indulge,

Yoga pants can bring comfort back

To fashion trends that sorely lack!

Oh yoga pants, how I love thee!

You make me so relaxed and free!

With your cotton sewn so right,

Never will my pants be tight.

If I bloat or if I lose,

You’ll be there preventing blues.

Because no matter what I wear,

I know forever you’ll be there

To make me beautiful and chic

And keep me comfy every week.

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